Friday, February 8, 2008

School has begun!!!

this week has been full of ups and downs and just plain busy.

we started mon and tues by delivering all the school supplies to the students and teachers.

mon, we were able to make it to 3 out of 5 of the schools. here the school day is till noon. many of the kids have to go home and help out and they don't have all the extras that take up time in the states, music, art, etc... we had such a great time. thankfully we were able to make it to those 3 with no problem....well the last was a bit interesting in our van. felt like we were about to tip over a few times but roger is a rock star driver. and of course i just held on ALOT!!

tues, we headed out to the farthest school, it took over an hour from our house. i felt like we just kept driving and driving. finally we reached a part where even roger had to get out and check the road. it was a bit rough but we had no idea what was in store. we go down a steep, rut filled road and we found a river over the road....yeah!!! so we stopped, assessed and enjoyed the view. we walked in the river and enjoyed this little gem in the middle of nowhere, really nowhere. got the camera and went exploring. about 10 feet from where we were parked i noticed that the boulders were quite big in the river and i couldn't see the rest of the river. it was the beginning of a 30-40 foot waterfall. WOW!!! so amazing. i think i got a bit too close to the edge, i got that funny feeling in my tummy. it was a great little stop while roger began to assess the steep incline to climb on the other side. not so sure the van was built for this..hahaha. we made it up and about a couple miles more we reach the one room school. it was a blast. we still had to get out again and make it to another school that was as hard to get to before lunch so we spent some time with the kids and had to jet. getting out prooved to be a bit harder. there was more sliding than anyone likes to see as you are coming down a hill and heading toward a river and getting back up the final incline took a few tries. i don't think 4 wheels on a van qualify for a 4wd. haha. about an 1 1/2 later we made it to the next school. we had to ditch the van and walk with the supplies for 200 yards or so.. not so bad. thank goodness it was the other one room school with less than 20 kids.

it was such a great couple of days. it was so much fun to do this as a family and see the looks on the kids faces. it seemed as the farther out we went the kids changed. more open, so grateful and enjoying the small blessings in life. i definately had my moments of laughter and joy and tears. i am truly blessed.

oh and the rest of the week, i won't say much about that. let's just say it consisted of our van being in the shop. enough said. we did get it out sat. which was just in time since roger was heading to northeast nicaragua for a week with some guys from louisiana. it sure makes it easier to get to and from the airport with a car. thank God, He is always on time.

Friday, February 1, 2008


i know it has been forever since i blogged. january was a crazy month. it all started with an awesome clinic. we had over 55 people show up. it was non stop for 5 hours and went through tons of meds. we even had people that had to wait outside to see the doc. that was fun!!!

we then got ready for a trip to new orleans. we usually don't go to the states til march but roger's sister was expecting her first baby. he was 10 days late but boy is he cute!!!! that was a nice little break, if you could call it that.

we were so glad to be coming back home a week ago and we were so happy to be back into warmer weather, yeah!!! we hit the ground running once we returned.

we have another clinic tomorrow, so please pray. and we also have the first day of school on monday for the schools that we are working with. we have taken on 4 more schools with a total of 300+ kids. it will be so exciting!!! there was definately no down time.

i am so excited to see what God is doing here. and so glad to be back in the groove of things!