Thursday, October 21, 2010

Haircut Anyone???

A couple of days ago we were able to bring in a hairdresser and provide discounted haircuts for anyone in Sandinena, the community where Francisco and Erica work.

We had so much fun!! The lady that cuts my hair, Helen, was more than happy to go and help on her day off. We offered the haircuts for about 1/3 of the normal price, 10 cordobas which is equal to about $.50. I promised to provide the other 10 cordobas and we were in business :)

She cut hair for about 3 hours and had 16 clients. She was moving fast! Everyone was so pleased with the results. For many of them this was their first haircut ever!!

Just another reason why you don't have to be able to build houses, preach or anything else than simply use the talents God gave you to minister to someone who needs it. A simple haircut brought so many smiles that day! What gifts/talents do you possess?

We are planning a second visit for haircuts in a few weeks. The word got around :)