Sunday, November 22, 2009

November Clinic....

Well I am a bit late on writing this but at least it's before next months clinic..haha. We had such a great time, as usual, doing the November clinic. Rainy season had finally come the end of October and had rained enough that we weren't sure how the roads were going to be. We go no matter what, just a bit more prepared with a tow rope and all!! The roads were quite slippery but still pretty solid underneath, so it was no more than a bit of slipping and sliding as you can see in the pic below. (Roger was driving straight. I think he was a bit disappointed there wasn't more of an opportunity to drive in deep mud..hehe)

We made it in good time and there was a bit of a shorter line, which we expected with the rain that was coming in that morning. A couple of the ladies kept saying, "I told them all you guys would show up." It was so funny, but made me so happy to know that they know we are there for them rain or shine :) Of course as the word got out more and more kept coming. There ended up being a bit over 40 in all. It ends up being nice when there are fewer patients like this, we are able to spend more time with them and pray with them. It's really all about relationships and Him being glorified in it all!!

(This is a precious little girl...I still don't know how they keep their pretty dresses so lovely in the rainy and muddy weather.)

(I had forgotten our step-on scale, but thank goodness Susanna brings her infant scale and Roger his muscles..haha. The kids thought this scale was pretty fun though.)

(This family had come to see the doctor about other things but when the mom asked if we could remove the boys stitches we were more than happy to help. Saves them a trip to town to see the doctor, which could have been a whole day affair. He was so brave and a cutie.)
(And here he is, stitch free!!)

(Went to deliver meds and powdered milk to our faithful old lady, 80+ yrs. old, it was too rainy and muddy for her to have made the walk to the we delivered. You like my boots?? haha)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Lights, Camera, Action....

Three weeks ago we were able to have another movie night at our friends in Dolores, Nicaragua. I was raining a bit so only 35 showed that night. We were able to get our hands on a dubbed version of Jonah, the Veggietales movie. They all were laughing and thought it was the best. (Although now Francisco will have to clear up some parts of the story, like it wasn't that they were fish-slappers in Ninaveh...minor details..hahaha.) It is always such a joy to be able to go and be a part of what they are doing, better yet, what God is doing through them...willing vessels.

We were also able to give out bibles to them. We found a great place in Managua where we can get bibles for $2.75 a piece (prices as good as the States). We bought a couple of cases for them to use there and at the other location where they have been working with children as well. We are so excited to get the Word to those who are hungry!! Total they have about 75 to 80 kids that they minister to on a weekly basis. It is such a joy for us to be able to see God move in His own specific way, whether it be in a city of millions or a community of a hundred.