Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Movie Night

Tonight we had our first movie night out at the communities that we have been helping out with. We were able to get a great little video of "Coco y su pandilla". It is of a guy that does ventriliquism with a variety of puppets. He is a Christian and uses it as a way of evangalism.

First I want to say thanks to all for the support that we were able to purchase a projector with!! So of course we had to try it out. We had a tarp made to use as the screen. (The thing is huge.) Roger had made contact with a local radio station that he could make the announcement for all to hear in the community. Then he went and talked to a few community leaders to get the word out. You never know how many will really show up to something like this, even if you think it would be fun.

We arrived around 6 pm to the school and some of the guys started hanging up the tarp on the outside of the building. They also pulled out some chairs from the classrooms to give seats to as many as possible. We started the video once it was all set up and when we thought everyone had arrived. It worked so wonderfully!!! As the video was going, more and more people kept coming. By the time the night was over, there were well over 100 people that attended!! We were so encouraged. Once the movie was over Roger shared his testimony and led them in prayer.

We talked with many of the leaders in the community to get their feedback, and they were so pleased. They are just as excited as we are about making this a reoccuring event. It wasn't just the kids that really enjoyed the night.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


The first week of November I had the priveledge to attend a workshop to teach both literacy (in spanish) and ESL. I wasn't for sure how it would all go but I was so pleasantly surprised.

We have a lot of trouble here of people being illiterate. There are nearly 2 million people in Nicragua that don't know how to read. Even in our town and the communities where we work there are over a hundred that I have been made aware of. I heard of this great program and thought I would look into it. The ministry is called LEI (Literacy and Evangalism Intl.). The great thing is that the curriculum that they use is also used as an evangalistic tool. It talks about the Bible throughout the books.

Here is a pic of the group that took the class in Managua to teach literacy. This was the english version for all the missionaries interested.

A week later I had the priveledge to take a course, closer to where we live, in San Marcos to teach others how to teach literacy.
I was overwhelmed with the information about the numbers that I had found locally of those that are illiterate and realized that it was too much to handle on my own. This was the reason for taking this course. I figured if I could teach others, locally and other places that we travel, many more lives could be effected. We all had such a great time. There has already been a group interested here in Jinotepe to learn to teach literacy. I am hoping that this month we will be able to get together for the 3 day course to equip the saints.
This is the group of us that had the priveledge to learn to equip other teachers with the same heart. (This was the spanish training session. Not a whole lot of us white people in the mix, just me and another friend from Managua, Carey!)

Please pray with me that God would direct my path concerning this project. There are many lives that can be changed, not only with literacy but also spiritually. But without God in the middle of it, it can't accomplish His good and perfect will.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Quick Request

Tomorrow morning starting at 10 am and going till 1 pm, there will be thousands of believers joining together at the Monte de Oracion (Mount of Prayer). It lies in Crucero, Nicaragua, about 30 minutes south of Managua. We will be gathering to pray for the will of God in Nicaragua. There have been many things that have happened in the last 2 years and have become even more evident in the last few months, both politically and in the people of this country. I would like to ask all who read and all who feel led, to pray for Nicaragua tomorrow with us.

I truly believe that before time began, God has many things planned for Nicaragua. I know that only God can change the hearts of man. Please pray that God's will be done and that the hearts of men and women will be turned to the heart of the Father.