Friday, December 26, 2014

Birth of gift. ever.

I was sitting in church the other day, maybe 2 weeks until Christmas.  Reflecting on the miracle that is the birth of Christ.  I've seen the movie, The Star of Bethlehem, and see even more the beauty and miracle that that day brought.  

But then it hit me...

The spark, that set the rest of history into a spin.  The birth of Jesus.  The prophecies made flesh.  

Many tend to see the birth of Christ and the death of Christ as two separate events. The world even celebrates them differently.  And then the biggest lightbulb went off....

The redemption of the cross, the grace that it brings, all started at the birth, even before that, when the very words were prophesied hundreds of years before that.  It is the day of His birth that began a tailspin of prophecy after prophecy being fulfilled...leading to the cross.  The culmination of the greatest story of redemption and grace. 

The birth of Christ, the promise waited and hoped for, finally made flesh.  No longer a prophecy waiting to be fulfilled, but being accomplished before their very eyes.  HERE!! The spark that spun all things into a beautiful story that continues to unravel for all of eternity.  

I can only imagine the elation of those who were hoping and praying for the Word to be fulfilled, pouring over the Old Testament. The promise, the hope of all mankind.  To be there when they saw God initiate the greatest story ever told, with the birth of a baby boy. 

Christmas, the day redemption and grace was birthed in the earth, made flesh. No longer hoped for, to be fulfilled, waiting on a timeline, but...HERE! 

Glory to God in the Highest!!  

Bask in His Promise that is fulfilled, and have faith in His promises that are not yet seen with the naked eye.  He is faithful!!  Do not lose hope.  He is our hope, our future, our Promise!