Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Daddy is Home!!!

Last night was the moment we had been waiting for for 2 long weeks.  Roger had been in the states ministering and traveling and fellowshipping.  We seemed to hold the fort down here and managed to not get into too much trouble but we sure missed him.  There is definitely a difference when Dad isn't around but we seem to muddle through. :)  

The kids decided that this time we needed to make posters.  It was so sweet!! They had even marked it on the calendar so they wouldn't forget when to do it, the same calendar we were marking down the days.  They worked so diligently on their posters and were so excited to see their Daddy again.

Thought I would post some pics of the kids and their fancy-pants posters. :)
(The first pic is the view of the sunset on the way to picking him pretty!)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Some of our favorite things...

I thought I would add some of the kiddos, and ours too, favorite fruits.  The first pic is of our favorite bananas.  They are little, sweet and simply delicious bananas.  The bad thing is they are small so we end up popping them like popcorn.  At least it's a fruit, right. :)  We had gone to our local 'banana lady' and she happened to have a stalk of them and for only $1 and then because the ones we bought were still green (they are yellow now in the pic) she gave us a bag of ripe ones for free.  The kids were definitely excited.... can you tell?  haha

This next fruit is called mamon chino.  It is funny looking on the outside but has a yummy fruit on the inside with a seed in the middle.  You first have to break open the shell, it's not a hard shell more like rubber, with your fingers and then pick out the fruit.  It has the feel of a peeled grape, and somewhat similar texture as well.  It is sweet and a bit juicy.  You just chew on it till you get to the seed then spit it out.  The kids could eat buckets of these.  It is so much fun living in another country and getting to try all the different fruits and veggies they have to offer!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Only God can!!!

Just wanted to share this article with all those that have been following our wonderful trek here.   It is definitely a good gage on what the situation is here.  Whether it is 100% accurate or not, much depends on who's taking the statistics, it is a reality here.  Much of what is going on around the world is happening here too.  We are seeing an increase in desperation and lack of hope. 

This not only has been a hard year but a hard agriculture time as well.  It has been a very dry rainy season.  Some beans were able to be harvested but most rice was lost and the corn that grew wasn't enough.  Here they rely on their ability to grow their own food to last for 6 months until the next harvest.  Due to the hotter and dryer whether this is an enormous weight.  To add, many farmers borrowed money to plant the crops at the rate the beans or whatever they were planting was selling for and now it's time to pay back loans and they can't because of lack of harvest.  I will give you one example; at the time of planting beans were selling for an average of 10 cordobas ($.50) and now at harvest time they are having to sell at 3 cordobas ($.15).  They are being taking advantage of and the market is unstable right now.  It grieves me to see this happening and not having any answers.  To see those that God called us to help, and not be able to. 

There is now a people that can do no other than rely on God.  No more doing out of our own strength but that alone that can be found in Him.  The hope is found that the spiritual land is being cultivated.  God is creating a people that will be prime for His harvest.  There is a Nicaragua that is much greater. One that God sees as truth and not that which we see on this earth.  Hab. 2:14 says that "the whole earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea."  That includes Nicaragua!!! Let His glory be known!! 

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Nicaragua Independence Day

Today is Nicaragua Independence Day we had the privilege to go to the communities and celebrate with them this important date.  Following is some pics of the parade (here are more) and here you will be able to read about some of the history of this day.  It was such a hot day but the students were so proud.  They brought in a band from Jinotepe to perform.  These schools don't have the resources to have their own....but it was equally enjoyed.  The schools marched both in front and behind the band and proudly with their school flags.  What a wonderful day to get out!!

A little example of what the bands sound like here!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Feliz CumpleaƱos......

(some of the kids that attend the children's church. they usually have 40+)

Monday we had the privilege of joining our dear friends, Francisco and Erika, for their children's service.  It also happened to be the birthday of their youngest, Caleb, who was turning 2.  I had to make sure that Caleb had a birthday cake. :) We always love the times that we get to go and be a part of the group.  And our kids just join right in.  

There was about 37 of the 40+ kids that showed up.  It was a really great time.  They shared with the kids about Jesus calming the storm.  It was great to see how much they were really responsive to it all.  Also I was amazed at how much scripture some of these kids had truly memorized.  They have such a hunger.  

I love to see how God has placed gems like Francisco and Erika in areas to be a light and a help to those who need it.  I think we will all be surprised when we all join up in heaven and see the numerous amount of 'no named' ministers their are in this Earth that gave their lives for Him and not for the glory of man.  Success is not measured by our minds, but by that what the Lord sets as the standard.  We must be'll never know who you might reach and how that can affect to world around us.

May the glory always be for Him alone!!
(this is a pic of Francisco's oldest, Obed, who recently broke his leg)

(b-day boy, Caleb, peering around the corner.  this is their home that they sometimes meet in if the weather is bad)

(Here Francisco is with Caleb and his cake.  I don't think he knew what to think.)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Super Saturday!!!

I would like to have pics to show of all that went on today, but thanks to many patients in a short amount of time, that's not going to be.  We saw nearly 70 patients in just under 4 hours. 

We started out the morning as usual.  Getting all packed up, hurrying around, feeling late, and getting there at the same time.  We usually arrive at the school at 8:30am and get right to unloading all the meds. and signing people in.  Today we arrived and the school wasn't unlocked so we began to search for the keys.  We go to one home (the leaders' of the community) and they think they know where the keys are.  They send their son on bike to search where they may be.  Finally 15 min. later we have keys in hand.  By now we are a decent 20 min. late by the time we start signing in patients.  When we arrived there was already 20+ waiting, by the time we started it was over doubled.  

We sign all the patients in, taking all the necessary vitals before seeing the doctor or dentist.  They then go to the next line to see the doctor/dentist then come back to the same room, where we have the pharmacy and wait to have their scripts filled.  This is also the moment we get to really visit a bit, multitasking, and joke and pray with those who are waiting. 

I am still amazed at each month at all our faithful, older patients that come for their medicines they need for their heart, cholesterol, blood pressure, and so on.  But I think what gets me the most is the ones that are new each month.  We have been doing this clinic for almost 2 years now and there are still new ones.  This clinic is not announced or promoted (it was at the beginning), yet word of mouth tends to move where it needs.  We have some come for several miles away, on foot, to see the doctor.  And it seems like the longer we have been here the further out they come.  

This month we had a little group that all came together from quite a ways just to get their teeth looked at and remove the broken and rotten teeth.  We have been so blessed to have such great doctors and a super dentist, who to this date as yet to have one cry and many are amazed at how well she can pull teeth and no pain :) (thanks to lots of anesthesia which is a luxury for some public dental offices, who are limited to how much they can use per patient).  

I am so grateful that the Lord has given us this chance to serve these communities in a way that is very tangible.  Yes, they need the Lord.  But they also need to see the love of the Lord working through us.  We must learn to walk as He did.  Ministry is more than just preaching in churches or being around or a part of the church, it is the church being that what He called us to be, in the earth.  We must be open to situations all around us.  It is in the daily or the "mundane" that God could be using us the most.  It is when those, that are yet to be part of the body of Christ, is really looking at those, who call themselves christians, to see if they really are who they say they are.  Be real, be human, be the God moment in someone's life that could change their reality for the real life that can be found only in Him.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Life is so full of choices, and hundreds are made everyday.  For the last couple of weeks I have been wanting to update this blog.  I didn't know where to begin or how.  So much time had passed but at the same time there was so much I needed/wanted to write about.  The big 'P' (procrastination) started rearing it's ugly head.   I don't care to write lengthy blogs but knew it would take pages to write all that had happened in the past couple of months.  I have lots of pics on my facebook page so I will try to link those on this blog.  I will begin to make a conscious effort to write weekly, bare minimum.  Hold me to it :) 

I will say that through all the business of life and ministry, I am so grateful for what I have and where I am.  I could not want a different life for myself.  All the ups and downs make it the excitement that I love.  The mundane was something I was never wanting....haven't got!  

Here is a list of the links you can click on to see of the pics from the last few months.  Happy viewing!! :)