Friday, July 30, 2010

Team Wisconsin!!

Last week we had an awesome team here from Wisconsin. They were here for a week and we had a lot to get accomplished. We planned to put in a bathroom and septic for dear friends of ours, Francisco and Erica.

They came ready to work!!! We went straight away to the hardware store to get supplies and then off to work. Once we got there we got things all laid out and started digging. Thankfully Justin and Llyle know lots about concrete work, plumbing and construction. The rest of us were laborers :) It was such a blessing for us to get to help Francisco and Erica help be a part in making their dreams come true. By the time we were done (3 1/2 days later) the group finished more than we could have even expected. They ended up putting the concrete floor in the kitchen and bathroom, also plumbing for all the kitchen as well.

As I was talking to Erica, when things were coming to an end, she mentioned to me that they are the first one's in their entire community, population of over 600, to have indoor plumbing now. I couldn't believe it. I knew it wasn't far fetched but still they were minutes from town, by foot. What an amazing blessing and testimony!!

On our last day it was bittersweet with the group. Everyone was tired and ready to rest, but I don't thing the group was ready to leave them. As we said our goodbyes, some with tears in their eyes, Francisco and Erica expressed such gratitude I can't put into words. This, for them, was a dream, a dream that seemed so far away, and in 3 days it was a reality for them. I felt so blessed to be a part of it!!

I am so thankful for the Kingdom of God and family working together as we should. All pulling our giftings along with rich fellowship and hard work. Blessed!!!!

To see many more pictures check out our facebook page here.

This is their previous shower.

(This is their old bathroom/outhouse, and yes that red plastic is see through!!!)

(This is the finished, for now, product. The bathroom will have walls around it. :)

(Obed's , their son, first shower ever. You couldn't get him out of there. Erica now says he wakes up every morning early just to take a shower!! His face and the squeals were priceless!)