Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Havin' Fun in the USA

I am just now realizing it has been too long since I have updated our blog. What a shame!! The crazy thing is we have been back in the States but have had dial up most of the time....I had forgotten how slow it can be. I will take some time to play catch up.

We made it to the States with no problems on March 10 (Rachel's b-day, they let her sit in the cockpit of the plane for a b-day treat). We had our first layover in Miami and had some lunch with some great friends of ours that we haven't seen since we moved from Costa Rica. We really had such a great time with them and picked right up where we left those relationships!! Finally at 8:30 pm we arrived at Tulsa where our parents picked us up and we were quickly reintroduced to the cold weather...brrrrrr!!

When we got to my parents house we had some time to catch up on business stuff, had a late b-day party for Rachel and a really late christmas :) We then went to Skiatook and spent time with Jerald and Dixie. We had great fellowship and being with the body of Christ is always a good time! We then went to a congregation in Fair Play, MO and had the priviledge to share with the youth group. Wow, what a great group of young people that God has destined to touch the hearts of many in this earth. It was a wonderful group with a passion for the Lord. And the worship...was amazing!!! Finally this past weekend we shared with a congregation in Monett, MO. We enjoyed sharing what the Lord is doing in Nicaragua, and once again the had an infamous "church lunch" for us. You know those where everyone brings their signature dishes and you eat a bit of each to try it good (especially with all the grandmas in the congregation).

We are now with some friends in northern Illinois. It is still a bit cold for us from the deep, deep 'south' but we are managing :) We have so enjoyed all the fellowship, dinners, lunches and visits we have had with so many that we haven't gotten to see in so long. The Lord is so good to bring amazing relationships in our lives that we cherish so deeply.

Well our time to the States is just beginning and we have many more 'places to go and people to see'. I will try to stay up better on the blog while in here. Love to all and am looking forward to seeing the rest of you!!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Thursday, March 5, 2009

States Schedule - Here We Come!!

I thought we could post the schedule of the cities we will be in during our 8 week trek through the USA. I know that it would be near to impossible to see everyone that we would love to see while we are there. If there is any place that we will be close to where you are we would love to see you all. Please check the schedule and come visit!!!

March 10 - Arrive to the States
March 11-13 - Neosho, MO
March 14-15 - Skiatook, OK
March 16-17 - Neosho, MO
March 18 - Fair Play, MO
March 19-21 - Neosho, MO
March 22 - Monett, MO
March 23-24 - Ursa, IL
March 25-29 - Janesville, WI
March 30-31 - Neosho, MO

April 1 - Southwest City, MO
April 2-4 - Branson, MO
April 5-7 - Oak Ridge, LA
April 7-9 - Arcadia, LA
April 10-19 - New Orleans, LA
April 20 - 25 - Emerald Isle, NC
April 26 - 28 - Eros, LA
April 29 - Huntington, TX
April 30 - Gun Barrel City, TX / Richardson, TX

May 1 - Richardson, TX / Borger, TX
May 2-3 - Borger, TX
May 4- 8 - Frederick, OK
May 9 - 13 - Neosho, MO
May 14 - Return to Nicaragua

If there are any questions or just want to visit with us while we are in your area please email. We would love to hear from you!!!