About Us

Roger and I met in 2000 and married January of 2001.  We knew from the beginning that God had called us to missions and to do missions together.  For us this has been so important for us.  We lived in the Missouri for about 10 months then moved to Texas.  We lived in Texas for 1 year. During all this time we had been working alongside Mitch and Ranae Clay, Proclamation Ministries.  We felt like God had called us to be servants to them and learn in the process. While we were there, we had our first son, Josiah.  Shortly before the birth of our son, we felt like God was calling us to move to Costa Rica to continue to do missions but now on the field.  With living in that country we could keep up with the continual work God had called us to.  

We moved to Costa Rica in October of 2002.  The following year Mitch and Ranae felt called to move to Costa Rica as well.  We worked together with Proclamation Ministries for 4 years in Costa Rica. During the time in Costa Rica, in 2004, we welcomed our daughter, Rachel. For the last year we were in Costa Rica, Roger and Mitch had been traveling and ministering much of the time in Nicaragua.  During the summer of 2006 we felt like God was saying it was time to move to Nicaragua.  Towards the end of September of 2006 we made the big move.  We packed the belongings of our 2 families into a tractor/trailer and headed north.  

The spring of 2007 brought new things.  Mitch and Ranae told us they felt like their time abroad was up for now.  They were to be going back stateside by August of 2007.  We began to pray and seek the Lord on what He'd have us to do.  We knew we were called to stay in Nicaragua.  June of 2007 Poured Out Ministries was birthed.  We are still living in Nicaragua in a small town south of Managua called Jinotepe.  We have been pushed into places that we never would have thought we were ready for and called to do things that only God could do through us.  We have learned to seek and rely on Him alone, and that has been such a gift.  We don't know how long God has called Poured Out to be here in Nicaragua, but for now this is our home and the people are in our hearts!

As you can see, by the blogs, we are now in the States.  In July 2011 God called us back for some rest and some much needed time as a family and to pray and seek what the Lord has for our next step.  We spent the first 2 years in Missouri, close to family.  It was a real cherished time!  Then in September of 2013 we moved to Janesville, WI.  It has been a cold winter but a warm one as a family.  The Lord is so good to bring us all closer and I believe God honors the times we give to the ministry of our families!   

I'm sure it won't be long before the Lord shows us the next place. To be continued...