Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Movie Night

Tonight we had our first movie night out at the communities that we have been helping out with. We were able to get a great little video of "Coco y su pandilla". It is of a guy that does ventriliquism with a variety of puppets. He is a Christian and uses it as a way of evangalism.

First I want to say thanks to all for the support that we were able to purchase a projector with!! So of course we had to try it out. We had a tarp made to use as the screen. (The thing is huge.) Roger had made contact with a local radio station that he could make the announcement for all to hear in the community. Then he went and talked to a few community leaders to get the word out. You never know how many will really show up to something like this, even if you think it would be fun.

We arrived around 6 pm to the school and some of the guys started hanging up the tarp on the outside of the building. They also pulled out some chairs from the classrooms to give seats to as many as possible. We started the video once it was all set up and when we thought everyone had arrived. It worked so wonderfully!!! As the video was going, more and more people kept coming. By the time the night was over, there were well over 100 people that attended!! We were so encouraged. Once the movie was over Roger shared his testimony and led them in prayer.

We talked with many of the leaders in the community to get their feedback, and they were so pleased. They are just as excited as we are about making this a reoccuring event. It wasn't just the kids that really enjoyed the night.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


The first week of November I had the priveledge to attend a workshop to teach both literacy (in spanish) and ESL. I wasn't for sure how it would all go but I was so pleasantly surprised.

We have a lot of trouble here of people being illiterate. There are nearly 2 million people in Nicragua that don't know how to read. Even in our town and the communities where we work there are over a hundred that I have been made aware of. I heard of this great program and thought I would look into it. The ministry is called LEI (Literacy and Evangalism Intl.). The great thing is that the curriculum that they use is also used as an evangalistic tool. It talks about the Bible throughout the books.

Here is a pic of the group that took the class in Managua to teach literacy. This was the english version for all the missionaries interested.

A week later I had the priveledge to take a course, closer to where we live, in San Marcos to teach others how to teach literacy.
I was overwhelmed with the information about the numbers that I had found locally of those that are illiterate and realized that it was too much to handle on my own. This was the reason for taking this course. I figured if I could teach others, locally and other places that we travel, many more lives could be effected. We all had such a great time. There has already been a group interested here in Jinotepe to learn to teach literacy. I am hoping that this month we will be able to get together for the 3 day course to equip the saints.
This is the group of us that had the priveledge to learn to equip other teachers with the same heart. (This was the spanish training session. Not a whole lot of us white people in the mix, just me and another friend from Managua, Carey!)

Please pray with me that God would direct my path concerning this project. There are many lives that can be changed, not only with literacy but also spiritually. But without God in the middle of it, it can't accomplish His good and perfect will.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Quick Request

Tomorrow morning starting at 10 am and going till 1 pm, there will be thousands of believers joining together at the Monte de Oracion (Mount of Prayer). It lies in Crucero, Nicaragua, about 30 minutes south of Managua. We will be gathering to pray for the will of God in Nicaragua. There have been many things that have happened in the last 2 years and have become even more evident in the last few months, both politically and in the people of this country. I would like to ask all who read and all who feel led, to pray for Nicaragua tomorrow with us.

I truly believe that before time began, God has many things planned for Nicaragua. I know that only God can change the hearts of man. Please pray that God's will be done and that the hearts of men and women will be turned to the heart of the Father.


Friday, November 14, 2008

Interesting Article

Today I came upon an interesting article that they actually had in TIME magazine about the recent elections in Nicaragua. I will attach the link so you can have a look. They are a bit more articulate with their writings than I.


I will post more later about some exciting and good things that have been happening in Nicaragua.
Can't wait to share more then.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Elections 2008

No, I am not going to focus on the States elections, just wanted to share a bit about our elections here. Sunday, all of Nicaragua held its mayoral elections. And today, Monday, is a vacation day. I guess to recoup from the stress of having to vote...:) Anyway, it is the next day and there still is not clear cut winner. And actually both major parties are declaring they won.

It is a bit different than in the States. In the USA, if the person you voted for for president didn't win. You may feel bummed, a bit relieved that the commercials are over, excited that you will get to see and hear real news again, but at least you know who it is and ready for what that may bring. You will get up and go back to school or work the next day, chat a bit about it and back to business as usual. Not here, and these were just the mayoral elections.

The attack mode is fairly the same. This person did this and that, they won't do a good job, blah, blah, blah. We have a bit more parades and rallying, than I have usually seen in the USA but nothing terrible. BUT, the next day, wow.

There are 2 major parties, FSLN and the PLC. The FSLN is the party that is in the presidency now, and some are concerned if they gain control in all of the mayor positions as well. So of course that is how they would prefer it from govt. To have their party in control everywhere. There is a big battle going on though. Both parties have said they won. (especially in Managua, the capital.) The PLC are claiming fraud on the counting of votes. There are to be people from both parties to verify the count is correct but supposedly the FSLN kicked out many from the other party...making it difficult to keep all groups honest. I think everyone was suspecting that this wouldn't be easy...expecting lots of corruption in the elections but what can you do.

I went to bed last night after having watched the news where 10 people were injured, in the town 5 min. from ours, because the 2 political parties were fighting. We woke up to see how the votes were going, they are still in the preliminary counting, to seeing the PLC marching through the streets of Managua, protesting the preliminary outcome....claiming fraud. There are rocks being thrown at people, cars and houses, bats being swung, and claims of bullets heard in the streets of Managua all due to these elections. And they still don't know who won.

I am glad we live in Jinotepe. Further from the chaos in some of the streets in Managua. A bit more "tranquilo" (calm). I just couldn't imagine seeing these types of outbreaks, protest, or violence in the streets of the USA or the news.

Please keep Nicaragua in your prayers!! All is in God's hands!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

November Clinic

This November marked one year of having the clinic in the communities!!! It has been such an amazing year. It has been full of ups and downs, difficulties and triumps. The wonderful thing is to see the relationships that God is creating throughout it all.This past Saturday went so well. We had over 75 patients that came from surrounding areas. We have several faithful older adults that come for their monthly medicines for their heart or blood pressure. And many children that come for those things that pop up with having kids.

Thankfully it had let up on the rain so the road had a chance to dry out a bit. Didn't mean that it wasn't without huge ruts and holes....we could just see where they were this time. By the time we arrived there was
already a big group of people waiting. It didn't let up till nearly 4 pm. Surprisingly one of the moms wanted to make lunch for us. We were so grateful, we were so hungry. Usually we just work through and then eat a late lunch (2pm) but this week it went much later.

We have so enjoyed the moments that we have had with each of the patients. The ability to pray with some and to get the chance to check up on them. It has been a great testimony to the community. We have heard so many great things. School attendance has stayed higher than normal, and every student that comes to school gets a hot lunch (which USAID provides) this means better nutrition. So many things are intertwined. Once the trust can be built and they see that you are faithful with them, that we really love and care about them, things can change and hearts can turn to the Lord.

Thanks to all that help with the support to provide the clinic every month. You have no idea the true thankfulness that they have and have shared with us and I want to make sure you all know. We even had our faithful Amelia (80+ years old) to bring her 2 eggs as payment. She always makes me happy.

I am so thankful for the chance we have to serve each and every one of them.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Just Hanging Out

It is amazing how much you really get to know someone just by doing something together.

We were out at one of the schools today, the only one you can get to due to the pure slush-like mud to try to drive through. Let's just say the roads are so bad we have gone 4 times in the past 3 weeks and due to 20 days of non-stop rain we have gotten stuck all but once. Though we don't feel so bad because the people out there have said that about every truck that goes out there gets stuck. :) The other good thing is that the oxen are readily available to help.

We went to the school to put up a
swing for the school kids. The kids at Trinity Christian School in Neosho, MO had been saving money to help pay for a swing set for the school here that didn't even have one piece of playground equipment. They had gotten the money to us a few months ago but the logistics of getting the swing and a way for it to get to the school was a bit hard without a truck, until now.

We had a few guys that said they would meet us to help with putting it together and to set it in concrete. (have to detour the thieves) While we were there we had such a great time getting to know some of the other people in the community that we had not had much time to talk with before. And of course we had our kids and some neighbors of the school to try it out. Seemed to work great!!
(to see more pics go to http://picasaweb.google.com/rreuceda)

While we were there Roger had brought tools and materials to build a rocket stove. There had been a real need to do something about the amount of smoke that fills a house during rainy season when they have to cook in their home, and the cost of the wood to cook with. He had found the basic idea on the internet, from the Aprovecho group, about a rocket stove. And thanks to youtube, got many ideas. It is a very simple design with cheap materials. The total cost is around $5 per stove. We have already made one and had it with a friend in another community and his wife has been so thrilled. So today after they put the swing up, Roger and 4 other guys put the 2nd one together. After we finished the women that were there said they wanted to be on the list for the next and the guys are wanting to do a workshop for all the community to make ones for whoever wants to be a part.

The great thing about the stove is it gives off no smoke (completely burns the wood), saves on buying wood. The first stove, in it's first week, used 50% less wood for the family. (which pays for the stove in less t
han a month) Cooks faster, and because of not giving off smoke it is better for their health. We see so many people that come to the clinic with so many respiratory problems because of the constant inhalation of smoke within their homes and eye problems.

(to see more pics go to http://picasaweb.google.com/rreuceda)

It has been so great to see the response of the people. They are excited and want to learn how to do it themselves. When we left the school today the guys were going to start talking to others around the community to set up a day to have a workshop. We left the stove we made today with one of the families to show others as they ask. We will soon have a workshop in Dolores, where the first stove is, and there is also talk of doing one in Rio Blanco as well.

It is so exciting how God opens up doors to share the love of God with others. One of the guys that was there today was one of the ones that was part of the group that tried to kick us and the clinic out a few months ago. And he was the one that wanted to help facilitate the workshop. It is so great to see how God can begin to change people's hearts if we just trust Him, obey Him, and love them with the same love that God shows us daily.

These are such exciting times!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Family Achievement

Well yesterday the kids found the first egg from the chickens that we have. We got the chickens a few months ago(wrote in earlier blog) and had just been feeding them and waiting for them to get nice and big to start laying eggs. Just a few weeks ago we started giving food to lay eggs and yesterday it was so great to find the egg. They, of course, had me cook it for them right then. The kids couldn't wait till this morning to go find the next one. I think they checked about every hour. Finally a bit before 6pm they found the egg for today. I can't wait until all three start laying eggs.

Also for the last couple of months we have been enjoying our first crop of cherry tomatoes, and have a nice amount of herbs growing around the yard. I have never had much of a green thumb or been interested in farm animals but it has been nice to see things coming together. And I guess if times get tough we can at least have eggs, and some herbs. :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Rainy, Rainy, Rainy

One could never imagine how much it could rain till you have lived in the tropics, or at least have come during the rainy season. I just can't comprehend how it can rain so hard and non-stop. It has rained, at our house nearly 2 days without stopping. a few days ago we had a bit of sunshine but for 2 weeks before that it was the same....rain, rain, and more rain. It has its moments where it is just like God turned on the faucet (or faucets) to full strength and just let it pour. Nearly everyone walks here. Everyone has their boots, or they just take off their flip-flops, and roll up their pants and deal with it.

In the communities where we help some of the teachers have to get there from Jinotepe, the main town. Normally there is a cattle truck that transports people in and out if they can pay for it. The last 2 months there has been so much rain that the trucks don't run. They walk to get to their jobs teaching. The one teacher, Rina, says it takes here nearly 45 min to 1 hour to get to school and by the time she gets there her shoes are filled with mud. There are about another 3 teachers, that I know of, that live further in the communities, but on the other side of a river. Normally that river is a few inches high to cross and get to their jobs. But now who knows. Last year they said they tied ropes across the river to try to make a make-shift ferry to cross, or just walking but using the rope to guide them. I can't imagine that being the norm for getting to work. I know I like getting the parking space the closest to try to keep from walking another 20 feet farther to get to a store. I feel bad when I know people have to walk to get somewhere but in reality it is very normal. And beyond all that they are more than thankful that they even have a job.

I am so glad that God has me here to keep me grounded. To bring reality to life. None of the 'keeping up with the Jones'' business. But just keeping up with God's business. There is no greater feeling than being content, happy, where you are at and knowing you are doing what you have been called to do. No matter if it is at home, office, business, another country, pastor, or friend.

Be content and if not seek it out!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Great Saturday

First I will have to apologize, I am bit of a lazy blogger. It seems like days get away from me before I get half of my list done for that day. I am far behind on many of the things that I have thought would be great to blog, so maybe I will try to catch up.

To start, we had the clinic on Saturday. It is the middle of rainy season so the roads are TERRIBLE, and our last clinic was fairly small (a little over 30 patients). I had a feeling it was going to go about the same or fewer. We couldn't get the word out, since there is no transportation going into the communities. We started the day a bit late. We got stuck in the mud, but got out, thanks to the new truck. We arrived about 30 minutes late.

When we got there, there were 20 or more already in line. I don't think the line ended until 3 hours later. It just seemed like they kept coming. The nurse, Susanna, asked if I had more sheets to for checking in the patients. I said no, but I had made over 75, I asked why. She had ran out.
By the end of it we had 86 patients. It was crazy. There was a line to check in, fhere was a line to see one of the two doctors, and there was a line to get the medicines in our makeshift pharmacy. Did I say it was crazy!! We had never had more than 66 patients...needless to say we were a bit ill prepared with the quantity of medicines. By the time we left we were all exhausted. Even Josiah stepped up to help count out vitamins and helped bag the meds when they were ready.

It was over and we loaded up the truck to head back to town and eat a very late lunch. About half a mile from the clinic we got stuck in the road. Roger was driving so good but with all the effort the truck just slid right into the deepest ruts in that part of the road. It is so hard to see where the best place is to drive since the whole road is just a mud mess, and you never know where it is the mushiest and the deepest. Well this time getting stuck there was no moving us. Finally after a few guys tried to help there was still no moving. Finally a guy on a horse and cart gave Roger a ride to a guys house, about another half a mile away, that has oxen to help pull us out.

By the time they hooked the oxen and the chain to the truck, in no time we were out of the mess. The only problem was is they had to pull us out backwards and we had to drive through it again. This time, no problem!! We were slipping and sliding but made it through. All of us in the truck thought...wow, what a great story!! But all in all it was a great day!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

4 x 4 Truck!!!!

Well it is finally here. Yesterday Roger pulled up to the house in the ministries 4x4 truck!!! I can't believe after all this time looking and praying it's in our driveway. God is so good!!!! It's an older truck but the mechanics said it had a good motor...what else can you ask for. We wanted a work truck....God provided!
Thank you to everyone that prayed with us and gave for the truck. We are truly blessed to be in relationship with each and every one of you. Talk about blessing upon blessing!

We just wanted to post pics and say thank you!!

Working together in the Kingdom.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Vacation Well Needed

Last week we had some friends from Las Brenas (the northeast of Nicaragua) come for a few days. They are pastors in a very small community that has no water or electricity. And there is no need for a car there since the closest gas station is over an hour away. Anyway, they have been pastoring now for over 15 years and have never once had a vacation. Roger has worked with this pastor the last few times he has gone to the northeast.
Luis and his wife Glendy came last week and we had planned to take them around to get to know the southwest part of Nicaragua that they have never been to. They first arrived late, after a 15 hour bus ride. We had a chance to visit parts of Managua, Granada, Catarina, Laguna Apoyo, and of course our local Jinotepe. We had such a great time getting to spend time with our extended body of Christ and to just see them RELAX!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

On A Personal Note...

Well yesterday, around 11am, we heard a bit of cracking and Roger went to take a look and sure enough the tree in front of our house finally gave way. We had been hearing it crack with the wind but had no idea that more than just a few limbs would fall. It was laying on all of the cables and two of the posts had begun to bend. Of course, here in Nicaragua, it takes a bit longer to get things done unless you do them yourselves. But, after pushing the owner of the property, we finally got someone to come and cut down the limbs before any cables broke.It was so amazing to see these guys scaling the tree barefoot with ropes and machetes; taking whacks at the limbs, that are sooo close to the cables. They were sitting on, the already falling branches, to cut the ends while tied by a rope with a pulley system, just in case that unstable branch gave way. They ended up cutting about half of the branches and limbs off to keep from anything happening like this again. It is wild how over half a huge tree could be cut down using only a machete. Nothing is ever boring here!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Zoo Trip

I can't believe it has taken me this long to write about the zoo trip that we took in July. Last year we only were able to take 1 school. It was a trial run. Because last year went so well we were able to take all 5 schools. The kids were all so excited about the soon arriving day of their field trip. We found out that for all the students, except those that had a chance to go last year, this was their first trip ever to the zoo and for many it was their first trip, period.

We met the 3 buses at 6:30 am to go get the kids in the communities. We had 3 of our friends from Managua that wanted to come out and help (thank God!!) tha
t met us at the buses. We had 2 different pick up points for the 5 schools; 3 of the schools are extremely difficult to get to without a 4x4. We began on our trip around 8:30 am from the communities. We had so much fun on the way to the zoo, the only problem was that I think I somehow got the unlucky bus. There were at least 3 or 4 that "got sick" on the bus....this time I came prepared!! It was so beautiful, on the way to the zoo we passed by the active volcano Masaya. It was such a beautiful and clear morning....we couldn't of had a more precious view for all the kids to see.

Finally we arrived at the zoo, unloaded and got into groups that were led by a guide. Once again we had many with their notebooks to take notes for class. It was great to see how excited everyone was..from 3 to 17 years of age. We spent a bit of time there and then loaded up for a park where we would eat our sack lunches.

It was so nice to have a place to play and to just have fun. When it was about time to load up and head home Roger talked with the kids to share with them about the love of the Lord and to motivate them to believe who God says that they are.

We all loaded back up in the buses and headed home. The mood was much different heading back. It seemed so much quieter :) I happened to be on the bus where the preschool and kindergarten kids were and I think most had fallen asleep by the time we arrived. Included my own 2 kids, Josiah and Rachel. We finally arrived back around 3:30 pm tired and happy. We waited around to make sure that all the kids had made it home ok and then headed back home ourselves.

All in all we had such a great time. We had over 220 students, teachers and helpers. What a day, what a trip...and we will probably be crazy enough to do it again..:)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Medical Clinic

I know I am late on getting this out but I will have to back track a few weeks. We had out last clinic on the 5th and it went so great. We have encountered some unexpected obstacles, but nothing that God can't take care of. We have always been a bit guarded about certain things in the communities where we have been working. Ever since last year we have had many other eyes watching us. The political party that is in power has many small groups of people that are like watchdogs for the government. They mostly watch for who is doing what and does it affect their control over that area. Needless to say we have had our first round with these "leaders" in the communities.
We were told that they have been holding meetings in the area to begin to regain control over the area. They removed all the pta parents that were not in line with their political party and put others in place...as just one example. At out clinic in June we heard the "good news" that the ministry of health was going to begin to do a clinic 2 times a week. We thought great!!! This is exactly what the people need!! After the news had spread throughout that day, people kept asking us if we would still come. I didn't understand at first but after talking with many moms I soon realized the problem. The local health dept. only has the means to write prescriptions and give the most basic of medicines. And I thought what we have is basic, but nearly everyone walks out with what is prescribed. We also found out that they have been very inconsistant in the past. Sure enough when we came to our recent clinic they had already not showed up the entire last week.
Anyway, the building that we had been using, with permission, all of a sudden was no longer available to us. They had decided, a week before the clinic, that we could no longer hold the clinics there and needed to leave. Many parents stood up against them and said that they wanted the "gringos" here. We began to hear word from our friends in the community about all that was going on and to not worry there were other places that people already offered. The Catholic church even opened their doors to us, as well as a few people's homes. It was so touching to see the rally of the community. We continued to reinforce to them that we are here to help them and not concerned about the politics, God will take care of it. Finally we showed up that saturday and they had actually opened the school to us, for that month at least.

We were not certain how many would show, if any, due to the politic differences of many and the manipulation of those in power. Slowly they trickled in. By the end of the day we had 55+ in all. Throughout the day many continued to thank us for coming again and you could see their fears of us leaving were put at ease.
What is hard to wrap our minds around is that even the little that we do is still an hour closer to their home and many dollars cheaper. They receive all meds and consult for only $1. And they couldn't hardly make it to town for that, let alone think of how they would pay for their meds. There have been several that have walked 1-2 hours to come. Even after doing these clinics for 9 months now, I can't believe this is how people deal with medical issues. There was one grandma, mid 80's, that walked with her grandson nearly 2 hours to come for the meds that she needed. She knew that we always have medicine and knew it wouldn't be a waste of a trip, when she could be at home working. She had told Roger that she had 6 children but 3 of them had passed away due to the fact that she couldn't afford meds. or even to see a doctor. These kind of stories break my heart.
I walk away from every clinic tired and hungry, but the feelings of being overwhelmed by each new story that comes through those doors and the satisfaction to see one more getting the meds that they have needed for days. It would be hard for even the hardest of hearts to not come and be moved to tears. I know we are not in the jungles of Africa and I do know that it could be worse, but I am so thankful for the opportunity we have to be a part of these lives and help in any way possible. It is so incredible the feeling of being so close to everything but in reality being so far away. You can travel 3 miles outside of town and be in a different time period. What a priveledge to help and be a bridge to help for the many in this small part of Nicaragua.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Well you won't believe it but we have chickens. I know, what are we thinking. Josiah says that at least we won't have to go to Pali (our local grocery store) to buy eggs anymore. The kids are so happy. A friend of ours gave us 3 of his chickens, they are only 3 weeks old. Josiah named 2 of them Ironhide and Jazz (from the Transformers, even though the chickens are girls), and Rachel named one Rachel, I guess she likes her name ok. Anyway, we have been making a coop for the chickens. We've all been having fun with it and the kids won't leave the chickens alone. They just want to play with them all day.

Also we were able to put up a tire swing for the kids. They are loving it. The most fun was watching Roger try to figure how he was going to get up that tree to tie the rope up. He's not 12 anymore and able to scale it with his sheer monkey-like abilities...hahaha. He ended up borrowing a ladder from the neighbors. :)

We are putting the finishing touches on our newest and latest zoo adventure. The dates have gone between the 4th or the 18th of July but it is looking more like it will be the 4th. Oh my goodness that is only 2 weeks away....so much to plan. We are also taking all 5 schools instead of just the one that we took last year. It could be easily 200 kids plus teachers and adult helpers. Rhonda M., we are going to miss you this year!! We are looking forward to the exciting day. And the day after we have our next clinic. Lots to prepare for.

I guess I will be learning to pace myself in the next couple of weeks.

Saturday, June 7, 2008


It is so crazy!!! We had been in the states for 2 months (march and april). We then returned to our house and everything in order, thank goodness. The only thing we returned to no phone. Appearantly they were stolen or something...again...which meant we were without internet also. It seems like forever, or 5 weeks since we came back, but finally we have internet and phone again...YEAH!!!! It's amazing how we grow so accustom to the things that we have in our lives. Oh, and one day after we arrived i awoke to killer pain and long story short i was in surgery that night to have my appendix removed. What a welcome back home.

We have gotten back in the groove somewhat. It always seems like it takes longer than one would like. We were able to get a chainsaw up to the north, where the hurricane hit last august. They have been using it like crazy. We've had 2 clinics now. Today was the second. So much fun. And we are delivering more school supplies next week to all 5 schools. It feels nice to get back into things. We are also getting ready to do our zoo trip with the students again. However, this time we are going to do all 5 schools....call us crazy!!! It will be a blast. Just want to get it done before rainy season and we can't get in to the communities because of the roads.

These last few months have been full of their ups and downs but all liveable. It doesn't have to be easy it just has to be lived through and better on the other end. Success is so subject to the one that defines it.

We loved our trip to the states. So encouraging and full of love and friendship. I so cherish our times together with friends and family in the states. They are so valued to us. And we are so happy to be here, home, in Nicaragua, once again. It is just right.

I think this is probably too much for now but i am back in it again.
be a success,

Friday, February 8, 2008

School has begun!!!

this week has been full of ups and downs and just plain busy.

we started mon and tues by delivering all the school supplies to the students and teachers.

mon, we were able to make it to 3 out of 5 of the schools. here the school day is till noon. many of the kids have to go home and help out and they don't have all the extras that take up time in the states, music, art, etc... we had such a great time. thankfully we were able to make it to those 3 with no problem....well the last was a bit interesting in our van. felt like we were about to tip over a few times but roger is a rock star driver. and of course i just held on ALOT!!

tues, we headed out to the farthest school, it took over an hour from our house. i felt like we just kept driving and driving. finally we reached a part where even roger had to get out and check the road. it was a bit rough but we had no idea what was in store. we go down a steep, rut filled road and we found a river over the road....yeah!!! so we stopped, assessed and enjoyed the view. we walked in the river and enjoyed this little gem in the middle of nowhere, really nowhere. got the camera and went exploring. about 10 feet from where we were parked i noticed that the boulders were quite big in the river and i couldn't see the rest of the river. it was the beginning of a 30-40 foot waterfall. WOW!!! so amazing. i think i got a bit too close to the edge, i got that funny feeling in my tummy. it was a great little stop while roger began to assess the steep incline to climb on the other side. not so sure the van was built for this..hahaha. we made it up and about a couple miles more we reach the one room school. it was a blast. we still had to get out again and make it to another school that was as hard to get to before lunch so we spent some time with the kids and had to jet. getting out prooved to be a bit harder. there was more sliding than anyone likes to see as you are coming down a hill and heading toward a river and getting back up the final incline took a few tries. i don't think 4 wheels on a van qualify for a 4wd. haha. about an 1 1/2 later we made it to the next school. we had to ditch the van and walk with the supplies for 200 yards or so.. not so bad. thank goodness it was the other one room school with less than 20 kids.

it was such a great couple of days. it was so much fun to do this as a family and see the looks on the kids faces. it seemed as the farther out we went the kids changed. more open, so grateful and enjoying the small blessings in life. i definately had my moments of laughter and joy and tears. i am truly blessed.

oh and the rest of the week, i won't say much about that. let's just say it consisted of our van being in the shop. enough said. we did get it out sat. which was just in time since roger was heading to northeast nicaragua for a week with some guys from louisiana. it sure makes it easier to get to and from the airport with a car. thank God, He is always on time.

Friday, February 1, 2008


i know it has been forever since i blogged. january was a crazy month. it all started with an awesome clinic. we had over 55 people show up. it was non stop for 5 hours and went through tons of meds. we even had people that had to wait outside to see the doc. that was fun!!!

we then got ready for a trip to new orleans. we usually don't go to the states til march but roger's sister was expecting her first baby. he was 10 days late but boy is he cute!!!! that was a nice little break, if you could call it that.

we were so glad to be coming back home a week ago and we were so happy to be back into warmer weather, yeah!!! we hit the ground running once we returned.

we have another clinic tomorrow, so please pray. and we also have the first day of school on monday for the schools that we are working with. we have taken on 4 more schools with a total of 300+ kids. it will be so exciting!!! there was definately no down time.

i am so excited to see what God is doing here. and so glad to be back in the groove of things!