Sunday, June 22, 2008


Well you won't believe it but we have chickens. I know, what are we thinking. Josiah says that at least we won't have to go to Pali (our local grocery store) to buy eggs anymore. The kids are so happy. A friend of ours gave us 3 of his chickens, they are only 3 weeks old. Josiah named 2 of them Ironhide and Jazz (from the Transformers, even though the chickens are girls), and Rachel named one Rachel, I guess she likes her name ok. Anyway, we have been making a coop for the chickens. We've all been having fun with it and the kids won't leave the chickens alone. They just want to play with them all day.

Also we were able to put up a tire swing for the kids. They are loving it. The most fun was watching Roger try to figure how he was going to get up that tree to tie the rope up. He's not 12 anymore and able to scale it with his sheer monkey-like abilities...hahaha. He ended up borrowing a ladder from the neighbors. :)

We are putting the finishing touches on our newest and latest zoo adventure. The dates have gone between the 4th or the 18th of July but it is looking more like it will be the 4th. Oh my goodness that is only 2 weeks much to plan. We are also taking all 5 schools instead of just the one that we took last year. It could be easily 200 kids plus teachers and adult helpers. Rhonda M., we are going to miss you this year!! We are looking forward to the exciting day. And the day after we have our next clinic. Lots to prepare for.

I guess I will be learning to pace myself in the next couple of weeks.

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Rhonda said...

oh the chick's are cute. :)

I wish I could be there for the field trip!!!
It's so exciting...I bet more parents will let their kids go this year and even more chaperones?

so glad you're posting.

love you all!!!