Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Movie Night

Tonight we had our first movie night out at the communities that we have been helping out with. We were able to get a great little video of "Coco y su pandilla". It is of a guy that does ventriliquism with a variety of puppets. He is a Christian and uses it as a way of evangalism.

First I want to say thanks to all for the support that we were able to purchase a projector with!! So of course we had to try it out. We had a tarp made to use as the screen. (The thing is huge.) Roger had made contact with a local radio station that he could make the announcement for all to hear in the community. Then he went and talked to a few community leaders to get the word out. You never know how many will really show up to something like this, even if you think it would be fun.

We arrived around 6 pm to the school and some of the guys started hanging up the tarp on the outside of the building. They also pulled out some chairs from the classrooms to give seats to as many as possible. We started the video once it was all set up and when we thought everyone had arrived. It worked so wonderfully!!! As the video was going, more and more people kept coming. By the time the night was over, there were well over 100 people that attended!! We were so encouraged. Once the movie was over Roger shared his testimony and led them in prayer.

We talked with many of the leaders in the community to get their feedback, and they were so pleased. They are just as excited as we are about making this a reoccuring event. It wasn't just the kids that really enjoyed the night.


Garrett Family said...

This was wonderful - love to hear about the progress you guys are making!! We hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

The Eucedas said...

Thank you so much!!! Hope you have a great Christmas too, and enjoy the cold :)

Rhonda said...

What an awesome event!
Have the people/children in attendance seen anything like it before? Do they go to movies or anything like that?

The Eucedas said...

No they haven't been to a theater, nor have they had anything like this. Many of them knew of the video we showed but not in a big screen experience. They all had so much fun and I think we are going to make it a monthly thing. Hope you have a super great Christmas...miss you all!!! Love ya.

Rhonda said...

well that is really (all the more) amazing for that community.
How much does something like this cost. A new film a month?

The Eucedas said...

We just use videos or movies that we already have or we can sometimes borrow from some missionary friends of ours that are here. The main expense was the start up of buying the projector and getting the screen made. We are wanting to buy a small portable sound system instead of borrowing. Just a few months and we can't wait to see you all. We'll call!!!!

Rhonda said...

ok so you really need a small portable sound system. How much is that? Am I driving you crazy Rhonda? sorry. I've got too many questions. :)
Also, you didn't mention anything about popcorn. THE most important part of any movie. ;)

The Eucedas said...

Sorry couldn't swing the popcorn this time but it is definately a thought for next time!! Oh, and throw in juice in a bag...who could want more! hahaha. Roger has been looking for one to bring back with us when we come to the States. He found one he liked for around $400. And don't think for a second you are bugging me...remember I will probably be sleeping in your house again :) then WE will all be bugging you..haha. We can still come right?? :)
loves you!!

Rhonda said...

Of course you can come!
miss you all terribly!

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