Saturday, June 26, 2010

Never Too Late...

Well, we've been back in Nicaragua for over a month now. It has been very busy. We've been playing catch-up from all the things that we had to leave when we went to the States for a couple of months, and also continuing with the work here that has already been established.

Since we've been home we've had 2 sets of visitors, a clinic, delivered school supplies to the 6 schools and Francisco & Erica's group of kids they work with, made more and revamped the rocket stoves, had a movie night, and right now Roger & Josiah are up in the northeast of Nicaragua ministering and visiting pastors. WHEW!!! Did I forget anything?? :)

To see a few of the things that we've been doing since we've been back you can go to our facebook page, that we have set up, for many pics and frequent updates to what is going on here in Nicaragua and beyond. You can also just click on the facebook icon on the right of the page.

The Lord is good!!

While we were in the States, the Lord did many things for us on many different levels. We were definitely ready to be back here in Nicaragua with such a sense of what the Lord is doing. It was very encouraging for us to spend time in prayer, with many in the States, for this great country of Nicaragua and for direction here. We began to see a trend while we were in the States. He is calling His people to a much deeper level with Him. He is no longer wanting status quo but wanting those who are completely sold out and willing to give their all. We can't be happy just "being" a Christian but we must be doing that what He's called us to excuses!

We are excited and can't wait for the day when Nicaragua can be that example of what God can do to a nation when His people cry out to Him!! Can a nation be saved in a day? Oh, the hope we have in Him our God, King and Saviour!


Laura Kath said...

So...I'm curious as to whether you are saying that going to a deeper level of relationship with Him is going to result in becoming completely sold out and willing to give our all...or are you saying that doing what He has called us to do happens first and causes us to go deeper with Him...what is the cause and what is the effect?

The Eucedas said...

I feel like, for me, it all starts with a relationship with Him. Out of that all I want to do is give my all for Him, no matter the cost. I think we do what we do out of relationship..especially with our Father.

Rhonda said...

and more company coming your way!!!


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