Friday, November 19, 2010

Food for Thought....

Thought I'd write one more post before we head to the States. Did I mention we got the biggest blessing and are heading to the States this year for Thanksgiving??? We are soooo thankful :)

Francisco and Erica have been doing a feeding program in their community for a little while now and it's just been amazing. All the kids that wouldn't normally get fed during the day. Mostly because their parents are working and they are left to fend for themselves. Many show up barefoot and hungry. They are told to bring a bowl, spoon and cup and Francisco and Erica will take care of the rest. Many do and some just show up and share a bowl with others. Often times eating with their hands. They have even expanded and are doing one where their other children's church is. The moms there help cook the food provided.

Roger and I had thought that it would be nice to get bowls and cups for every kid that comes. What better time than this time of thanksgiving. I know it's not a holiday here but feeling how thankful we are for the bare necessities, how could we not give them a reason to be thankful.

We went to a big market in Managua, that has the best prices. Found 100 bowls (with lids - important here) and 100 cups. (There are roughly 50 in each community.) We were able to find everything for around 50 cents a child. Blessing all around!! Great prices for us and something to eat with for them. :)

I am always amazed at what a small investment can change a life!!!!

I would like to share something we have been thinking about for Christmas. We have mentioned it in our newsletters but I wanted to share here. We are wanting to give a pair of shoes to each child that attends their children's church. Each pair would come to about $10 a child. Many of these kids, at the most, have a pair of old flip flops. It would be such a blessing for them to be able to start the new school year and go to church with nice shoes on. If you are considering helping drop us a line or you can just send a check to the address on the contacts page with a note "Christmas party".

Thanks for all you have done to make a difference in so many lives!!!

Side note....get to eat yummy Thanksgiving in the States this year....YAY!!!