Tuesday, August 5, 2008

On A Personal Note...

Well yesterday, around 11am, we heard a bit of cracking and Roger went to take a look and sure enough the tree in front of our house finally gave way. We had been hearing it crack with the wind but had no idea that more than just a few limbs would fall. It was laying on all of the cables and two of the posts had begun to bend. Of course, here in Nicaragua, it takes a bit longer to get things done unless you do them yourselves. But, after pushing the owner of the property, we finally got someone to come and cut down the limbs before any cables broke.It was so amazing to see these guys scaling the tree barefoot with ropes and machetes; taking whacks at the limbs, that are sooo close to the cables. They were sitting on, the already falling branches, to cut the ends while tied by a rope with a pulley system, just in case that unstable branch gave way. They ended up cutting about half of the branches and limbs off to keep from anything happening like this again. It is wild how over half a huge tree could be cut down using only a machete. Nothing is ever boring here!!

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