Monday, August 4, 2008

Zoo Trip

I can't believe it has taken me this long to write about the zoo trip that we took in July. Last year we only were able to take 1 school. It was a trial run. Because last year went so well we were able to take all 5 schools. The kids were all so excited about the soon arriving day of their field trip. We found out that for all the students, except those that had a chance to go last year, this was their first trip ever to the zoo and for many it was their first trip, period.

We met the 3 buses at 6:30 am to go get the kids in the communities. We had 3 of our friends from Managua that wanted to come out and help (thank God!!) tha
t met us at the buses. We had 2 different pick up points for the 5 schools; 3 of the schools are extremely difficult to get to without a 4x4. We began on our trip around 8:30 am from the communities. We had so much fun on the way to the zoo, the only problem was that I think I somehow got the unlucky bus. There were at least 3 or 4 that "got sick" on the bus....this time I came prepared!! It was so beautiful, on the way to the zoo we passed by the active volcano Masaya. It was such a beautiful and clear morning....we couldn't of had a more precious view for all the kids to see.

Finally we arrived at the zoo, unloaded and got into groups that were led by a guide. Once again we had many with their notebooks to take notes for class. It was great to see how excited everyone was..from 3 to 17 years of age. We spent a bit of time there and then loaded up for a park where we would eat our sack lunches.

It was so nice to have a place to play and to just have fun. When it was about time to load up and head home Roger talked with the kids to share with them about the love of the Lord and to motivate them to believe who God says that they are.

We all loaded back up in the buses and headed home. The mood was much different heading back. It seemed so much quieter :) I happened to be on the bus where the preschool and kindergarten kids were and I think most had fallen asleep by the time we arrived. Included my own 2 kids, Josiah and Rachel. We finally arrived back around 3:30 pm tired and happy. We waited around to make sure that all the kids had made it home ok and then headed back home ourselves.

All in all we had such a great time. We had over 220 students, teachers and helpers. What a day, what a trip...and we will probably be crazy enough to do it again..:)

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Rhonda said...

this post makes me wanna cry...
I miss you and the memory of last years trip came rushing back.

Love you all!