Tuesday, September 23, 2008

4 x 4 Truck!!!!

Well it is finally here. Yesterday Roger pulled up to the house in the ministries 4x4 truck!!! I can't believe after all this time looking and praying it's in our driveway. God is so good!!!! It's an older truck but the mechanics said it had a good motor...what else can you ask for. We wanted a work truck....God provided!
Thank you to everyone that prayed with us and gave for the truck. We are truly blessed to be in relationship with each and every one of you. Talk about blessing upon blessing!

We just wanted to post pics and say thank you!!

Working together in the Kingdom.


Garrett Family said...

congratulations - how exciting - you will have to post some of the hard work you do with the new truck!

Rhonda said...

Yahoo! Now you can go into the depths of Nicaragua! Not that anything's stopped you in the past...now you can rest assured a bit that you'll get back out. :)
So happy for you!!!

Julane said...

PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!! The truck looks awesome! We are anxious to see more pics of the ministry.
Luv U All,
Julane Eddie