Monday, October 6, 2008

Great Saturday

First I will have to apologize, I am bit of a lazy blogger. It seems like days get away from me before I get half of my list done for that day. I am far behind on many of the things that I have thought would be great to blog, so maybe I will try to catch up.

To start, we had the clinic on Saturday. It is the middle of rainy season so the roads are TERRIBLE, and our last clinic was fairly small (a little over 30 patients). I had a feeling it was going to go about the same or fewer. We couldn't get the word out, since there is no transportation going into the communities. We started the day a bit late. We got stuck in the mud, but got out, thanks to the new truck. We arrived about 30 minutes late.

When we got there, there were 20 or more already in line. I don't think the line ended until 3 hours later. It just seemed like they kept coming. The nurse, Susanna, asked if I had more sheets to for checking in the patients. I said no, but I had made over 75, I asked why. She had ran out.
By the end of it we had 86 patients. It was crazy. There was a line to check in, fhere was a line to see one of the two doctors, and there was a line to get the medicines in our makeshift pharmacy. Did I say it was crazy!! We had never had more than 66 patients...needless to say we were a bit ill prepared with the quantity of medicines. By the time we left we were all exhausted. Even Josiah stepped up to help count out vitamins and helped bag the meds when they were ready.

It was over and we loaded up the truck to head back to town and eat a very late lunch. About half a mile from the clinic we got stuck in the road. Roger was driving so good but with all the effort the truck just slid right into the deepest ruts in that part of the road. It is so hard to see where the best place is to drive since the whole road is just a mud mess, and you never know where it is the mushiest and the deepest. Well this time getting stuck there was no moving us. Finally after a few guys tried to help there was still no moving. Finally a guy on a horse and cart gave Roger a ride to a guys house, about another half a mile away, that has oxen to help pull us out.

By the time they hooked the oxen and the chain to the truck, in no time we were out of the mess. The only problem was is they had to pull us out backwards and we had to drive through it again. This time, no problem!! We were slipping and sliding but made it through. All of us in the truck, what a great story!! But all in all it was a great day!