Thursday, November 6, 2008

November Clinic

This November marked one year of having the clinic in the communities!!! It has been such an amazing year. It has been full of ups and downs, difficulties and triumps. The wonderful thing is to see the relationships that God is creating throughout it all.This past Saturday went so well. We had over 75 patients that came from surrounding areas. We have several faithful older adults that come for their monthly medicines for their heart or blood pressure. And many children that come for those things that pop up with having kids.

Thankfully it had let up on the rain so the road had a chance to dry out a bit. Didn't mean that it wasn't without huge ruts and holes....we could just see where they were this time. By the time we arrived there was
already a big group of people waiting. It didn't let up till nearly 4 pm. Surprisingly one of the moms wanted to make lunch for us. We were so grateful, we were so hungry. Usually we just work through and then eat a late lunch (2pm) but this week it went much later.

We have so enjoyed the moments that we have had with each of the patients. The ability to pray with some and to get the chance to check up on them. It has been a great testimony to the community. We have heard so many great things. School attendance has stayed higher than normal, and every student that comes to school gets a hot lunch (which USAID provides) this means better nutrition. So many things are intertwined. Once the trust can be built and they see that you are faithful with them, that we really love and care about them, things can change and hearts can turn to the Lord.

Thanks to all that help with the support to provide the clinic every month. You have no idea the true thankfulness that they have and have shared with us and I want to make sure you all know. We even had our faithful Amelia (80+ years old) to bring her 2 eggs as payment. She always makes me happy.

I am so thankful for the chance we have to serve each and every one of them.