Saturday, October 25, 2008

Just Hanging Out

It is amazing how much you really get to know someone just by doing something together.

We were out at one of the schools today, the only one you can get to due to the pure slush-like mud to try to drive through. Let's just say the roads are so bad we have gone 4 times in the past 3 weeks and due to 20 days of non-stop rain we have gotten stuck all but once. Though we don't feel so bad because the people out there have said that about every truck that goes out there gets stuck. :) The other good thing is that the oxen are readily available to help.

We went to the school to put up a
swing for the school kids. The kids at Trinity Christian School in Neosho, MO had been saving money to help pay for a swing set for the school here that didn't even have one piece of playground equipment. They had gotten the money to us a few months ago but the logistics of getting the swing and a way for it to get to the school was a bit hard without a truck, until now.

We had a few guys that said they would meet us to help with putting it together and to set it in concrete. (have to detour the thieves) While we were there we had such a great time getting to know some of the other people in the community that we had not had much time to talk with before. And of course we had our kids and some neighbors of the school to try it out. Seemed to work great!!
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While we were there Roger had brought tools and materials to build a rocket stove. There had been a real need to do something about the amount of smoke that fills a house during rainy season when they have to cook in their home, and the cost of the wood to cook with. He had found the basic idea on the internet, from the Aprovecho group, about a rocket stove. And thanks to youtube, got many ideas. It is a very simple design with cheap materials. The total cost is around $5 per stove. We have already made one and had it with a friend in another community and his wife has been so thrilled. So today after they put the swing up, Roger and 4 other guys put the 2nd one together. After we finished the women that were there said they wanted to be on the list for the next and the guys are wanting to do a workshop for all the community to make ones for whoever wants to be a part.

The great thing about the stove is it gives off no smoke (completely burns the wood), saves on buying wood. The first stove, in it's first week, used 50% less wood for the family. (which pays for the stove in less t
han a month) Cooks faster, and because of not giving off smoke it is better for their health. We see so many people that come to the clinic with so many respiratory problems because of the constant inhalation of smoke within their homes and eye problems.

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It has been so great to see the response of the people. They are excited and want to learn how to do it themselves. When we left the school today the guys were going to start talking to others around the community to set up a day to have a workshop. We left the stove we made today with one of the families to show others as they ask. We will soon have a workshop in Dolores, where the first stove is, and there is also talk of doing one in Rio Blanco as well.

It is so exciting how God opens up doors to share the love of God with others. One of the guys that was there today was one of the ones that was part of the group that tried to kick us and the clinic out a few months ago. And he was the one that wanted to help facilitate the workshop. It is so great to see how God can begin to change people's hearts if we just trust Him, obey Him, and love them with the same love that God shows us daily.

These are such exciting times!!!