Sunday, January 4, 2009

First Clinic of the New Year!!

I couldn't think of a better way to start out the new year than to be out with our friends in the community and have our first clinic for 2009!! Susanna, our friend that's a nurse, was able to be in the States for the holidays, so I was able to great each patient and sign them in. I had a good time but I still have trouble sometimes with their names. It's not as simple as Bob, Jim, Sally and Sue. We had the priviledge to help 67 people this month.

After we finished we packed up and headed back to town for a late lunch...yummy pizza!! As we were on the road we noticed our faithful Emelia (80+ years old) coming for a consult. So we stopped and took care of her on the road and pulled out the meds from the back of the pickup, and of course gave her a ride back to her house. We would really appreciate any prayer for her, she is not doing too well.

As we continued on our drive home we saw this group of girls standing next to this little wagon that they were playing with. I thought it was pretty cool how they enclosed it.

I wished I had my camara but thankfully Jim and Lynne did so her and I hopped out and I asked if we could take a picture of their cart. I asked who had made it so nice and the girls pointed to the inside. I thought for sure that they were just pulling a younger sibling, which is very common here. So we looked in and to our surprise there were 2 bigger kids and one toddler. We just smiled. The kids got a kick out of us, but were proud to show off their wagon. I was very impressed by their good use of materials. They used foam insulation tied with ropes to make the encloser.

These faces of these children is only one of the reasons that we do what we do. How could we not help. What a blessing for us!!!! I thank God everyday for the priveledge He has given us. I so look forward to the things that are ahead.

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Rhonda said...

sweet sweet photos.
And Rhonda I'm sure you do just fine with all their names.