Thursday, January 15, 2009

Much Needed Family Time

After a busy month in December and an equally busy first week in January we needed a day getaway. We decided to surprise the kids and take them to the volcano. There are several around but the closest one is in Masaya (40 min. away). And it also happens to be one that is still semi-active. Lots of smoking and at night you can see the lava in the crater.

Once we arrived the kiddos were so happy. We had no where else we had to be at a certain time. We could spend all day there or just an hour, whatever we wanted to do. It was so nice not to have anything else on the schedule for that day. When we first arrived they tell you to park facing downhil....hummmm, I was hoping the volcano would behave today. Once it threw big rock out of the volcano and it landed on a tourists car. Kind of funny but I am sure it wasn't for that guy. After we parked it was just a short stroll to see the largest and smoking crater. It was a pretty big drop. At the bottom you could see the opening where the smoke was coming out. Next we walked up a bunch of steps to the top to be able to see the other crater that is next to the smoking one. And as we turned around there was a pretty great view of Nicaragua looking onto the lake as well. This country is pretty stinkin' beautiful!!!

When we came back down from there we realized there was another crater a little ways away. We asked the kids if there were up to taking the hike and they were game. About half way up they had second thoughts, so we stopped for a bit to enjoy the view and for them to get their second wind. We finally made it to the top and it was quite pretty as well. This crater was filled with all kinds of trees and plants, much different than the other two. The others didn't have a single thing growing do to the sulfur, but the rock was beautiful.

Once we were done looking at the volcano and climbing the huge volcanic rocks we headed back down to play in the playground they had. The kids love them some playground!! We had a great time there.

After we left we were a bit on the hungry side so we zipped up to Managua to eat some lunch. Kid's choice of day! Then they, of course, just had to look around at a close by toy store to do some if they need more toys. :) It was so great just to spend the day together. Nothing planned. To do just whatever the day brought. In a strange way, it was quite a restful day. I think we are going to have to make family days a bit more frequent than once every few months. We gotta get out there and really see all of Nicaragua we can before God has us move to the next place.

God bless and enjoy your family and the days God allows us to spend with them!!

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Rhonda said...

great pic's!!!
What a great day to enjoy the fam.