Thursday, January 22, 2009

Movie Night in Dolores

Wednesday night we had another movie night. It was such a blessing to be able to go and be a support for a dear family that have become such good friends of ours. Francisco and Erika with there 2 boys live in a small community outside of Dolores, about 15 min. from us. They have recently started working with the children in their community. Many of these children have complicated family lives, clothes that are either 2 sizes too big or too small. Quite a few don't even have flip-flops to wear. But yet when they arrived to Francisco's home they were so glad to be there and slowly began to show their beautiful smiles. Francisco and Erika have such a heart for these children. They have started having meetings at their home telling Bible stories, praying with them and visiting their homes when they can't make it. And yet all is done with a Bible and a small book with some Bible stories. I am so excited for the work that the Lord is beginning!
Francisco had asked if we could come and show Bible movies or shows for the kids....and of course we wouldn't want to do anything else!! We were so excited to see all the kids that came. They slowly walked in, many carrying their own chair, waiting for the show to start. As Francisco began to speak to the kids more and more showed up. By the time the video was in full swing there were well over 60 in their front yard. Then after about 1 hour, all laughing and enjoying our time together, we all prayed together and when the time arrived for them all to return to their homes they filed out of Francisco's yard carrying chairs above their heads.
It was such a great night!!! The kids were so happy and Francisco and Erika were even happier. It was such a blessing for us to be able to be a support for them, to encourage them. Their hearts are amazing and truly filled with so much love for these kids. I am looking forward to all the God will do through them and all the lives that will be forever touched.


Rhonda said...

This is exciting!
Especially since I feel I can say, I know them! :)
So glad you can come along side them.

The Eucedas said...

Absolutely!!!! You will be so proud, they are both really coming out of their shell!! It was such an honor for us.

Jeani said...

This brings tears to my eyes.

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