Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day!!

The best part of any Valentine's Day (now that I am a mom) is the handmade sentiments. They just can't be beat!!
(above is from Rachel and below is from two little artists!)

Also my wonderful husband came home yesterday with a beautiful display of flowers. And we are even going out tonight for kids. Wow, I will definately be cherishing the moment. A real date (so few and far between)!!

Much love to all and hope each and every one is having a great day with the ones they love!!


Rhonda said...

How was the date?
who watched the kids?
Wish I coulda.

The Eucedas said...

It was great. We went to a town close by (15 min away)and had a really great dinner. If we had planned better we could have gone a bit later and enjoyed the band that is there every friday and saturday night. Jhossy watched the kiddos. She is a 15 year old girl that we met through the home group that roger has helped with. we even were able to take her to rio blanco for the weekend last month to help with the kids while we worked the clinic. she is a great kid and the kids love her (and obey her).
and i'll let ya when you move down here...hahaha!! the kids would love it!!

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