Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Finally Made it to Warmer Weather

We have been so busy traveling here and there. Since the last post we have been back in the Neosho, MO area. Had a couple more meetings close to there. This past weekend we were at the Branson conference. Which for us is like our home church away from home. We truly have been enjoying the fellowship with all the body of Christ. We also went to a great group in Oak Ridge, LA and are now with our friends in Arcadia, LA.

We feel so truly blessed to be surrounded, upheld and loved by so many wonderful parts of the body!!!! God has been and continues to be blessing our family with such insight and confirmation to that which He wants to continue in Nicaragua, using us.

I will like to also say that the weather is finally getting a bit warmer. The last few weeks of colder weather and 2 days of snow (which the kids loved!), this warmer weather was welcomed with flip flops, t-shirt and jeans. Now that's more like it!

We are so looking forward to our continued travels and our visits that lay ahead. Much love and expectation of what lies ahead!!!!!