Monday, May 25, 2009


I had really good intentions to keep up with this thing more often but just realized it has been over a month. Where has all the time gone??? I will try to keep it quick, yet catch up.
To finish off our trip to the states we went to Roger's family in New Orleans for a bit over a week. It was so great to catch up and spend time with my awesome nephew and friends too!!! We then took off for a five day vacation as a family. I think it was our first official vacation as a family. We spent time at Emerald Isle in North Carolina. We had such a blast. Relax, family time and recoop. We also had a chance to reconnect with friends and make some new ones.
After NC we returned back to Louisiana to spend time with Jason and Lillian in Eros, and some great crawfish!!! Then we were off to Huntington, TX to be with a new relationship that God has brought our way with Shawnee Church. What a sweet time we had, and once again met family!!! Can't wait to see what God has in store.
Left there and headed north to visit Mitch and Ranae for too quick of a lunch...wish we would've had more time. Then spent the evening with Stacie and Robert in Dallas area. Once we hit this point we knew there was only a couple weeks left of our tour of the USA.
We had one last stop in TX. We headed to Borger, close to Amarillo. We were able to reconnect and spend time with the Garcia family. I don't think my kiddos could have had more fun with so many kids. We really enjoyed our time with the congregation and seeing God move in amazing ways. Now it was on to our last stop....Frederick, OK!! We stayed at Doug and Rita's and had some serious card games going on!! We also had a great fish fry and meeting to follow. I never get tired of seeing how God moves in such specific ways for each place we have been. It was such a great night to see God do his thing. I even had a chance to help out my friend JuJu at the food bank and the cool thing was, is that every person that came was hispanic and there was a couple that could speak english at all. I got some much needed spanish after being in the States for too long :)
We finally rounded out our trip back at my parents house to spend the last few days and seeing some family. It was a long 7000+ miles but worth every bit of it. We truly had a great trip and had an amazing time, but was ready to come home to Nicaragua.
Had a few hiccups on our flights, due to bad weather but made it home just an hour later than expected. Once we arrived we had to stand in line and go through and get our temps to make sure no one had the flu...aka the swine flu. Took quite a bit longer than expected to get out of the airport but when we did it was great to know that we made it. I knew we were home when we were driving down one of the main roads in Managua and there were 3 or 4 people pulling a cart with a fridge on it. Home sweet home!!!
Well there will be more later but I wanted to at least catch up to the current month :)


Rhonda said...

Good to hear about your journey.
I sure am sad that we had to cancel.
We have been thinking of you.
Love you guys.

The Eucedas said...

you know were we live if you ever get the itch to visit :)