Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Family Achievement

Well yesterday the kids found the first egg from the chickens that we have. We got the chickens a few months ago(wrote in earlier blog) and had just been feeding them and waiting for them to get nice and big to start laying eggs. Just a few weeks ago we started giving food to lay eggs and yesterday it was so great to find the egg. They, of course, had me cook it for them right then. The kids couldn't wait till this morning to go find the next one. I think they checked about every hour. Finally a bit before 6pm they found the egg for today. I can't wait until all three start laying eggs.

Also for the last couple of months we have been enjoying our first crop of cherry tomatoes, and have a nice amount of herbs growing around the yard. I have never had much of a green thumb or been interested in farm animals but it has been nice to see things coming together. And I guess if times get tough we can at least have eggs, and some herbs. :)

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