Thursday, October 16, 2008

Rainy, Rainy, Rainy

One could never imagine how much it could rain till you have lived in the tropics, or at least have come during the rainy season. I just can't comprehend how it can rain so hard and non-stop. It has rained, at our house nearly 2 days without stopping. a few days ago we had a bit of sunshine but for 2 weeks before that it was the same....rain, rain, and more rain. It has its moments where it is just like God turned on the faucet (or faucets) to full strength and just let it pour. Nearly everyone walks here. Everyone has their boots, or they just take off their flip-flops, and roll up their pants and deal with it.

In the communities where we help some of the teachers have to get there from Jinotepe, the main town. Normally there is a cattle truck that transports people in and out if they can pay for it. The last 2 months there has been so much rain that the trucks don't run. They walk to get to their jobs teaching. The one teacher, Rina, says it takes here nearly 45 min to 1 hour to get to school and by the time she gets there her shoes are filled with mud. There are about another 3 teachers, that I know of, that live further in the communities, but on the other side of a river. Normally that river is a few inches high to cross and get to their jobs. But now who knows. Last year they said they tied ropes across the river to try to make a make-shift ferry to cross, or just walking but using the rope to guide them. I can't imagine that being the norm for getting to work. I know I like getting the parking space the closest to try to keep from walking another 20 feet farther to get to a store. I feel bad when I know people have to walk to get somewhere but in reality it is very normal. And beyond all that they are more than thankful that they even have a job.

I am so glad that God has me here to keep me grounded. To bring reality to life. None of the 'keeping up with the Jones'' business. But just keeping up with God's business. There is no greater feeling than being content, happy, where you are at and knowing you are doing what you have been called to do. No matter if it is at home, office, business, another country, pastor, or friend.

Be content and if not seek it out!!