Monday, September 21, 2009

Some of our favorite things...

I thought I would add some of the kiddos, and ours too, favorite fruits.  The first pic is of our favorite bananas.  They are little, sweet and simply delicious bananas.  The bad thing is they are small so we end up popping them like popcorn.  At least it's a fruit, right. :)  We had gone to our local 'banana lady' and she happened to have a stalk of them and for only $1 and then because the ones we bought were still green (they are yellow now in the pic) she gave us a bag of ripe ones for free.  The kids were definitely excited.... can you tell?  haha

This next fruit is called mamon chino.  It is funny looking on the outside but has a yummy fruit on the inside with a seed in the middle.  You first have to break open the shell, it's not a hard shell more like rubber, with your fingers and then pick out the fruit.  It has the feel of a peeled grape, and somewhat similar texture as well.  It is sweet and a bit juicy.  You just chew on it till you get to the seed then spit it out.  The kids could eat buckets of these.  It is so much fun living in another country and getting to try all the different fruits and veggies they have to offer!!!