Saturday, September 5, 2009

Super Saturday!!!

I would like to have pics to show of all that went on today, but thanks to many patients in a short amount of time, that's not going to be.  We saw nearly 70 patients in just under 4 hours. 

We started out the morning as usual.  Getting all packed up, hurrying around, feeling late, and getting there at the same time.  We usually arrive at the school at 8:30am and get right to unloading all the meds. and signing people in.  Today we arrived and the school wasn't unlocked so we began to search for the keys.  We go to one home (the leaders' of the community) and they think they know where the keys are.  They send their son on bike to search where they may be.  Finally 15 min. later we have keys in hand.  By now we are a decent 20 min. late by the time we start signing in patients.  When we arrived there was already 20+ waiting, by the time we started it was over doubled.  

We sign all the patients in, taking all the necessary vitals before seeing the doctor or dentist.  They then go to the next line to see the doctor/dentist then come back to the same room, where we have the pharmacy and wait to have their scripts filled.  This is also the moment we get to really visit a bit, multitasking, and joke and pray with those who are waiting. 

I am still amazed at each month at all our faithful, older patients that come for their medicines they need for their heart, cholesterol, blood pressure, and so on.  But I think what gets me the most is the ones that are new each month.  We have been doing this clinic for almost 2 years now and there are still new ones.  This clinic is not announced or promoted (it was at the beginning), yet word of mouth tends to move where it needs.  We have some come for several miles away, on foot, to see the doctor.  And it seems like the longer we have been here the further out they come.  

This month we had a little group that all came together from quite a ways just to get their teeth looked at and remove the broken and rotten teeth.  We have been so blessed to have such great doctors and a super dentist, who to this date as yet to have one cry and many are amazed at how well she can pull teeth and no pain :) (thanks to lots of anesthesia which is a luxury for some public dental offices, who are limited to how much they can use per patient).  

I am so grateful that the Lord has given us this chance to serve these communities in a way that is very tangible.  Yes, they need the Lord.  But they also need to see the love of the Lord working through us.  We must learn to walk as He did.  Ministry is more than just preaching in churches or being around or a part of the church, it is the church being that what He called us to be, in the earth.  We must be open to situations all around us.  It is in the daily or the "mundane" that God could be using us the most.  It is when those, that are yet to be part of the body of Christ, is really looking at those, who call themselves christians, to see if they really are who they say they are.  Be real, be human, be the God moment in someone's life that could change their reality for the real life that can be found only in Him.

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Rhonda said...

Well said Rhonda.
I love your humble confidence and who you are.
God is so using you and Roger.