Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Feliz Cumpleaños......

(some of the kids that attend the children's church. they usually have 40+)

Monday we had the privilege of joining our dear friends, Francisco and Erika, for their children's service.  It also happened to be the birthday of their youngest, Caleb, who was turning 2.  I had to make sure that Caleb had a birthday cake. :) We always love the times that we get to go and be a part of the group.  And our kids just join right in.  

There was about 37 of the 40+ kids that showed up.  It was a really great time.  They shared with the kids about Jesus calming the storm.  It was great to see how much they were really responsive to it all.  Also I was amazed at how much scripture some of these kids had truly memorized.  They have such a hunger.  

I love to see how God has placed gems like Francisco and Erika in areas to be a light and a help to those who need it.  I think we will all be surprised when we all join up in heaven and see the numerous amount of 'no named' ministers their are in this Earth that gave their lives for Him and not for the glory of man.  Success is not measured by our minds, but by that what the Lord sets as the standard.  We must be'll never know who you might reach and how that can affect to world around us.

May the glory always be for Him alone!!
(this is a pic of Francisco's oldest, Obed, who recently broke his leg)

(b-day boy, Caleb, peering around the corner.  this is their home that they sometimes meet in if the weather is bad)

(Here Francisco is with Caleb and his cake.  I don't think he knew what to think.)

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